Meet George and Helen – People Just Like You

George and Helen are your typical retired couple in Canada.

George is 73 years old and has been retired for the past 10 years after 37 years at the Ford Plant as a plant foreman. Helen is 72 years old and spent most of her days raising their four children while occasionally working as a music teacher at a private school.

They live in Mississauga, Ontario in a modest home that they have remained in for more than 40 years. They just recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary by going on their first of what they hope to be several more cruises.

They are very active volunteers at their church and with at least five charities doing whatever they can to relieve the burden of work; stuffing envelopes, answering phones, working on displays, etc.

Their four children are all married and they now have 9 grandchildren. Their families are spread out across the country in various professional roles. The extended family gathers together once a year over the summer for a large family reunion.

One of their sons is a lawyer and their daughter is a financial advisor with a large firm in Calgary. The last reunion they struck up a conversation about their parents’ plans for the inheritance and how it should be divided. All the children agree that they have been well blessed in their adult life and so much of the discussion was centered on George and Helen’s charitable work.

In their discussion George and Helen were reminded of a visit that a Link Charity representative had at their church that described the many ways one can plan to gift their money away. They realized they needed help so they gave us a call and we went through a thorough understanding of their goals, needs, desires and wants.

This is what we discovered….